Tantric Massage in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Ibiza & more

A unique experience with our beautiful escorts. Feel the immense pleasure of this type of erotic massage performed by our gorgeous high class escorts in Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Sevilla, Valencia, Marbella or any other city we offer escort services.

Tantric & Erotic massage offered by the most beautiful escorts.

Most likely you have never had an experience like. A tantric massage is one of the greatest sexual pleasures that a man  can experience in his sex life. The beautiful erotic masseuses of Elegancy Models are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Valencia and Sevilla and are experts in this type of massage. They know the techniques to help you achieve the most intense orgasm with this type of erotic massage. If you still have not tried it, we encourage you to grant this pleasure. You’re not going to regret it.

Choose from our high class escorts near you that you would like to meet. She will be an expert in tantric and erotic massage, and she will gently lead you on this experience with the perfect movements, petting and necking. 

The tantric massage aims to maximum sexually arousement. Elegancy Models offers this erotic massage in an atmosphere of maximum relaxation and privacy between our clients and beautiful erotic masseuses. You will remain naked or in your underwear (as you prefer) during the tantric massage. For our erotic masseuse, your body is the most important, paying full attention and concentration to satisfyyou.

Do you want to try a tantric massage in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Ibiza or any other city were Elegancy Models offers escort services? Do not hesitate and contact us.

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What is a tantra or tantric massage?

A tantric massage is a very special type of erotic massage. Not all erotic masseuses can perform this extremely pleasing technique. Our erotic masseuses will travel throughout your body, taking their time, until they reach the genital part. With maximum concentration, our luxury escorts will gently do some caress the area combining movements to excite and relax the penis, to achieve maximum sexual arousal.

To create an intimate bond and to help both parts to feel connected, this is usually performed naked (both, the erotic masseuse and the client). Then with special oils and toys, our high class escort will massage the testicles, pelvic area and the perineum. After this, the erotic massage will be focused on the penis, moving it up and down with the hands or even the mouth.

The whole point of the tantric massage is to help you to control ejaculation and delayed it until you are ready to achieve to the maximum pleasure. Believe us, you will loose your mind after it.

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