What is the facesitting or the throne of the queen?

In Elegancy Models we like to be up to date with sexual tendencies, so in this article we would like to talk about the facesitting or also known, throne of the queen. The facesitting is a sexual practice very common in the world of BDSM (abbreviations of Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism). Although the BDSM encompasses other sexual practices more unknown and particular that not everyone can get to like, we assure you that you will love to practice the facesitting with a luxury escort. Still do not know what it is? We tell you.

What is facesitting?

Basically, facesitting literally consists of “sitting on the face”. One of the sexiest luxury escorts in your city will put on her most erotic lingerie set and wait for the right moment to take off the bottom part and propose the facesitting. You know how to do it? The luxury escort will sit naked on your face and you must practice oral sex until you can not take it anymore with the excitement that this position will provide.

The facesitting is not only oral sex.

The facesitting is not the same as oral sex although a priori it may seem. As we have already mentioned, this practice is part of the BDSM and therefore, in this case the woman is the one who dominates the situation, that is, she is the one who has the power. The luxury escort will be in charge of controlling the posture, the intensity of the kisses, the speed and it will also be the one that will guide the times of masturbation. In the facesitting the luxury escort can guide your head to the point that she decides to provoke greater pleasure through oral sex. While she moans with pleasure, you will be able to notice her pelvic movements and savor the sweet taste of the excitement that this practice produces.

How to test the facesitting.

Although the best position is to lie on the bed while your luxury escort sits on top, the facesitting has innumerable nuances with which you can play. Propose your luxury escort to stand up. You must raise the girl to her shoulders while she receives the most exciting oral sex of her life. Of course, this position carries a lot of strength to support the weight of the woman while you are focused on massaging her clitoris with the tongue.

The penetration we like to all, we will not deny it. But to experience this kind of pleasure in which penetration is substituted by movements of the tongue, nose and lips of an obedient and generous man drives us crazy.

If you want to try BDSM, we recommend that you call us and start by trying out this beginner level practice. Little by little we can increase the intensity if you check that you really like it. We will take care of making the right moves to place ourselves above your mouth and we will make sure you enjoy the best views. What are you waiting for? Try the facesitting with one of us.

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