What is a luxury escort? What kind of services do they do?

Just as an electrician and a plumber are not the same, we are often confused with prostitutes. However, it is not the same. Although the purpose of both is to give company to anyone who needs or wants it, the treatment of a luxury escort (or company lady) is very different.

Many times we have to explain what a luxury escort is and why we don’t identify with the classic prostitutes. In this article we tell you what services we do and the reason we are high standing. Keep reading!

1. Beauty women and outstanding bodies.

ll the luxury escorts that you can find in Elegancy Models have passed a rigorous casting to be part of our agency. Girls must meet minimum physical requirements to be considered beautiful by all our clients.

Hence, all the photographs on the website are 100% real. We select women with different physical qualities: blondes, brunettes, chestnuts, with less breast and with more … If you have a female prototype, in Elegancy Models you will find a luxury escort that will exceed your expectations.

2. Luxury escorts have conversation, know how to be and education.

Apart from being exquisite lovers in bed, luxury escorts are also able to hold a conversation on any topic of cultural, political, social or sports interest. Generally, luxury escorts are women who are pursuing a career and dedicate themselves to this in their free time to finance their studies or are women with a stable job who simply enjoy sex and want to get extra for it.

Unlike street prostitutes, luxury escorts will be the perfect company to go to dinner at an elegant restaurant, go well accompanied to a professional event or party. His education and bewitching beauty will make all the looks of the room be for the luxury escort. You will be the envy of all your family and friends!

3. Ideal women for demanding men.

The public of luxury escorts, unlike prostitutes, are usually businessmen looking for a woman to make all their fantasies come true. Our company ladies have an exceptional power of seduction that will be able to envelop any type of man.

Luxury escorts have more expensive services but at the same time much more delicate and refined. Spending a night with one of her will be a whim that you will want to repeat whenever you can.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a night of passion with a sensual woman as taken from a magazine, luxury escorts are your thing. His charisma, elegant dress and angelic face will make you a thousand while you enjoy the company of one of the most explosive women in your city. Are you ready to live the experience? Call us and get in touch with us

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