Unforgettable planes to spend the summer with a luxury escort

Summer has already arrived and with it the organization of much lighter clothing plans. With the heat we want to go out more and make plans outdoors, also if you have holidays you will have much more time to organize and spend unforgettable days with a luxury escort. It’s time to relive an unforgettable summer full of fun and passion. For this, we give you ideas of plans that you can not miss if you spend the summer with a luxury escort.

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Go to the beach

Sunbathing, bathing or playing in the sand with an escort can be a really sensual plan. Ask your girl to put on sunscreen and let yourself go for the pleasure of a relaxing massage by a stunning girl in a bikini. You can also choose something more intimate if you go to a hidden cove, the advantage is that you can practice sex in the water if you are alone. How long have you not been on the beach? It’s about time to experiment in sex and summer is the ideal time to do it.

Dinner at the port

A dinner in the harbor with a pleasant and summery atmosphere next to a beautiful and sexy woman what more could you ask for? Take your escort to dinner and then you can go out for drinks and whatever comes up. Our girls have a lot of culture and are very intelligent, so you can talk to them about what you want but … the night is too long to be pulling all the time.

Theme park In summer

the theme parks open to the public many water attractions. It could be a flat if you go with your escort and apart from having fun, you wet your clothes and let yourself be carried away by passion in some corner of the park. Of course, you have to be creative because it is a public place with children.


A jacuzzi with bubbles, relax and a woman with impressive curves at your side. Going to the spa with your luxury escort can be a relaxing experience but also very exciting, since with the bubbles you can not see what goes on underneath! We assure you that the environment will heat up more than the thermal water.

Nudist beach

Have you been to a nude beach? Imagine being surrounded by people without shame to show their bodies and you with your escort. If you want to innovate this summer, we recommend you go to the closest nudist beach and try the experience. You can stay until late in the afternoon and enjoy sex with your girl, the advantage is that you will not have to take any clothes off.

Go ahead and try one of these plans with one of our girls, choose the one that best suits your tastes and enjoy the summer as you deserve by innovating sexually and leaving the winter routine.

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