You are many and many who ask about this service so we decided to make a blog to clarify all your doubts;

Tantric massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to reach maximum optimal state Tantra massage works with energies and is a form of meditation as a couple.

This type of massage involves the female and male genitalia. The Tantric is one of the most interesting among the people accustomed to receive massages, however is full of doubts the result of ignorance. It is suitable for women, men and couples.

This type of tantra technique is a process for achieving personal growth through pleasure. If you find yourself happy and relaxed your health will be better.


How to do a tantric massage?

In the first place you have to be completely naked, to achieve the best possible experience.

Accompanied by a soft music the person should lie on the mat or stretcher with legs apart, a cushion to lift hips and another under the head.

Choose a lubricant and start the massage!

You will become totally complete, relaxed and full of positive energy.

Try it with one of our ladies and enjoy a massage that you will never forget!

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