Summer! The temperature rises!

How does it affect our sexuality?
Something is clear, everything influences the changes of seasons to us and us to the different seasons of the year.

How do these changes affect sexuality?The summer encourages us to go out more nights long beach holiday heat cups with friends, people smile more and is willing to talk to anyone, the sun is present and the temperature will soften the energy of the sun, stress relaxation increases.

We asked Ainhoa about the new addition in barcelona on the season of the year that he likes.


Answer the following:
“In summer my clients are encouraged flames more are noticed more active want to celebrate anything and of course more sex”

More joy more light less stress and more social!

It’s the perfect time to flirt, passion boils under your skin and you need to share it with someone and that better than with a sex professional.

We asked Ainhoa what to order, most dinners travel hotels or house.

Answer back:
“They usually ask for more hotels dinner drinks talk and share opinions so always look smart, in this season of the year I work more”

In the summer, worries are often less important and why not give us a whim?

“To enjoy it has been said” and to share with one of our escorts a pleasant moment do not hesitate to contact us we will advise you the plan that best suits your request.

Happy spring summer!

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