Sexiest postures to practice with your luxury escort

We are already in September, the autumn is approaching and with it the cold. This is the perfect time to make more home plans and get ready with the most exciting sexual positions. That is why in this article we bring you some ideas of sexual postures that you can practice with your escort throughout the night, or all day. It depends on you, our girls are used to having sex at all hours, they have a tremendous endurance and never get tired!

It is important that you enjoy sex to the fullest, but we also know that it is very exciting to see how the girl also enjoys sex. Then we show you the most exciting positions for both you and your luxury escort that will make both of you enjoy the most of the sexual encounter.

1. The 69

The 69 is a classic in bed, but perhaps you have not practiced as much as you would like because there are very scrupulous women to practice oral sex. This position allows both you and your escort to practice oral sex simultaneously. We recommend that for 69 it is the escort that is placed on top of you so as not to carry all your body weight and also leave more freedom to make a free fellatio.

2. Inverted cowgirl

The cowgirl is a position that leaves very exciting views to man. While you are completely lying down your luxury escort is mounted with your back towards you and controls a rhythmic movement during the penetration. Our escorts thanks to the pelvic exercises that they do every day, they will contract them while they ride on you intensifying the penetration and giving you much more pleasure.

3. The puppy

Surely you have ever tried this position, but doing it with a luxury escort will change your experience completely. This is the sexual position most recommended by sexologists to reach the climax, and with it you can control the rhythm and get a much deeper penetration. Our luxury escort loves to practice this pose with an extra lubrication while they touch themselves.

4. The chair

You can practice this position on a chair, on the sofa or on the edge of the bed. It’s as easy as putting yourself on the edge and letting your escort sit on you dominating the situation with her hip movement. Some of our luxury escorts have told us that they have practiced this position in public places and they have loved the experience.

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These are some of the postures that according to our luxury escorts most tend to like their customers and with those who most enjoy them. Do not forget that sex is a matter of two, and although your luxury escort can teach you new postures or experience sexually during your encounter, do not forget to touch her, walk her body with kisses and caresses. All Elegancy Models luxury escorts agree on one thing: the best of sex are the preliminaries.

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