Enjoy an unforgettable massage by one of our escorts


The escorts of Elegancymodels are knowledgeable of all the secrets of men’s enjoyment, are fully aware that the pleasure of a man comes through your skin.
This ritual begins with a pleasant, relaxing music and a few candles dimly illuminate the room. It takes about 60 min, at this time our escorts stimulate all the erogenous zones you know and those who do not.
Lying face up, massage starts with the scalp and face. Our escorts, began caressing your scalp with fingertips, then down gently following the outline of the folds of the ear, the contour of the cheeks and nose. It is at that time, where relaxation begins to take over your body when our expert escort hold your head in your hands. In the place where the neck meets the skull will be focused on two small holes. These two holes are actually little known erogenous zones, our masseuse will stimulate these points putting their fingers on them and pressing and give you a delicious sensation.
The third eye (center of the forehead, right between the eyebrows) and temples (the sides of the forehead) are known acupuncture points. Our escort gently push the third eye and stimulate temples with your fingers. This will relieve stress and allow sexual arousal flow.
The magic hands of our escort now slide to the shoulders and upper chest. There is a key point in the tendon that connects the neck and shoulders “This area is a center of real tension” with which your massage will be short and relaxing.
It is the right time for oil. With delicious aromas and creamy texture will help the hands of the escort to slide sensually across larger areas of the male breast. Sternum and Sea of Tranquillity (acupoint) nipples (erogenous volcano)
The area from the navel to the genitals is a widely known erogenous zone can be sure that the expert hands of our escorts will not neglect. The first feted by his hands will be the navel: With well-oiled hands, he dally with the edge of the navel and gradually expand the range. Three or four fingers down that area, just above the bladder, another important point acupressure has. Our escort will dedicate gentle pressure, with this movement quickly ignite your sexual energy.
Then in English where the legs join the trunk, we found a powerful tendons, with a slight pressure of the palm your sexual energy will flow like never before.
We have come to the genital area and definitely there are some points that the hand of our escort will not overlook. First slowly, then accelerating to find the right rhythm. Up and down, with your hands warm and lubricated by the oil, but totally firm.
Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique and unforgettable massage, call us and make your reservation!
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