Reasons to Hire an Scort

Do you have to attend an event in the capital? ElegancymodelsEscorts in Madrid Should you move to Barcelona for a business lunch or dinner ? ElegancymodelsEscorts in Barcelona you attend a meeting in Valencia? ElegancymodelsEscorts in Valencia not only want to attend your social events ? ElegancymodelsEscorts .




Elegancymodels gives you the perfect solution to hiring one of our Scorts luxury and upscale located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Marbella, Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca.

Most gentlemen agree on the reasons for hiring a professional Scort luxury:

Choice: Our escort agency upscale offers more than 50 spectacular escorts of unparalleled beauty and lush bodies, selected to achieve the highest socio-cultural levels. They not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations. Scorts high standing able to meet each and every one of his fantasies and desires.

Passion and desire: Besides being ideal companion in public, with our Scorts will enjoy new sensations and unforgettable encounters. An exquisite and pleasurable sexual encounter full of affection, affection, erotic games, caresses and a broad spectrum of services.

Discretion: Our exclusive Scorts act with the utmost discretion, adapting the dress and behavior according to the desired encounter. They offer an excellent escort service that will not raise any suspicion and be completely confidential.

How to increase your pleasure !

There are various alternatives to increase your pleasure in maintaining your sex.

Our scorts ( we have hostesses and scorts in Barcelona, ​​Madrid scorts , Valencia scorts , Ibiza scorts , Seville scorts and Palma de Mallorca scorts  ) be responsible to accompany and ensure a very pleasant moment .

Preliminary are most important for sex are rewarding triggering greater sexual arousal and creating mutual trust .

And that our escorts are familiar , so you can not only enjoy their company and good work , but you can also enjoy the authentic tantric massage or a special erotic massage.



Caresses and games are essential to raise the level of excitement the other. It is time to let go and relax using all weapons of seduction of which have the girls in our escort agency .

The mythical book of Kamasutra is one of the most influential in world history , contains detailed instructions on different sexual positions to make in our relationships, some are quite known as the puppy, the truck or oral sex ; but there are other very pleasant , daring and innovative as the note X , the wooden bridge and the Frog where you will pray your pleasure to the fullest and never enter into monotony .



So visit our website if you are in Barcelona, ​​Madrid , Valencia, Seville, Marbella , Ibiza and Palma de Mallorca, and let our scorts make your visit to the city , or if you live in it, a unique and pleasant moment .


It’s not just sex!

We often think that sex is just penetration, and it is not. Sex are kissing, fondling , pleasure , feelings, living a fantasy, enjoy the moment …

It is an experience with a host of benefits for your five senses .


cine erótico


Watching a beautiful woman with a sublime fragrance , taste, and hearing her while moaning You travel throughout your body for how not end with an orgasm full of pleasure . The preliminary games are the most important as it can increase your desire to the limit. We can realize our fantasies , watch movies, use toys , even enjoy an unforgettable erotic massage.


Good sex




When it comes to having great sex must be calm and relaxed to use our imagination and create sensations and unforgettable experiences. We must also create an erotic atmosphere , a pleasant temperature and an intimate space for anything or anyone bother you . Reserve one of our companions and discover luxury and all that brings good sex !


Different types of high standing escorts

escort alto estanding

Not all of us have the same tastes or the same physical or cultural preferences, that’s why not all men and women prefer the same type of people of the oppose sex, or of the same sex, to have sentimental, sexual relationships or even to have friendly relations.

Hire the services of escorts high standing

At the moment of hiring the services of an escort, those differences in the existing tastes make that not all men  prefer the same type of girl, that’s why there are men who prefer a determine type of women and other men to another type of women.

One of the advantages of hiring the services of a deluxe escort trough a specialized agency is that you can find a wide variety, a very good catalogue of women to choose.

Due to this great variety in the possibilities of selection nobody should give up none of their wishes or fantasies. Men who want high standing girls of European style will find in an agency of deluxe escorts the answer for their wishes, the same will happen with the men who want girls of Asian origin or any other geographical origin.

Of course, not only by the origin of the girl can be differentiated a deluxe escort. Also by their cultural level, by the languages that they speak or by many other variables that can be taken into account.

And obviously, the deluxe escorts can be chosen by their physical attributes. It is the aspect where maybe there is a higher variety (with the permission of the great variety existing in these mentioned variables and in many others) and a higher demand of different types of women.

Some men prefer blond women, others prefer dark-skinned, brown-haired or red-haired women, who have a very slim body or who are not so slim, of big breasts or small breasts, and there is such a large variety you can choose.

Whichever it is your taste, whomever you prefer, in the deluxe escorts (and in the male deluxe escorts) you will find the perfect solution that you are looking for to be able to enjoy the best service of deluxe escort service that you can imagine. If you imagine it, it exists, if it exists, you can as it.

Salon Nautico Internacional of Barcelona 2015

The Boat Show is a must for lovers of the sea, in a unique location in Port Vell Barcelona … From 14 to 18 October 2015.


The best of the Mediterranean environment. With a wide range of restaurants, a nautical setting and a prime location near the sea make it a unique place. Barcelona is a city internationally renowned for its gastronomy, quality of life and extensive nautical tradition.

In Elegancy Luxury Models Escorts Agency offer escort services and escort for discerning gentlemen who seek to visit one of the most important events of the hand of a model elite.

You can visit our gallery of exclusive models and choose the one that best fits the desired profile.

 Scorts Barcelona


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