Enjoy these dates next to a luxury escort

On these dates the plans are accumulated and we enjoy them twice when we are accompanied. And what better company than that of a luxury escort?
They know how to act in each event. With its elegance, discretion and knowing how to be will quickly put people in your pocket. With its intelligent conversations and humor, it will adapt to all kinds of circumstances. Even in several languages. On that part you can be calm, everything will go smoothly. But what will stand out most of her, will be her beauty. You can not stop looking at her all night, and believe me, your thoughts will be unmentionable.
After a fun meeting with friends and an excellent meal, you can have some drinks so that everything flows better with sensual dances. Letting yourself go is the ideal technique for a normal day to become one of the best in your life. Sharing a magical night with a luxury escort, knowing that you are the envy of the party, will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

When you decide that you want to retire, we hope it is not because you are tired. Because there is still the best of the night. So try to come rested, the game is about to start.
The best thing is that you book a room in a large hotel and have champagne delivered to your room, so you can continue in privacy. You fancy? Surely yes. She too.
Start by preliminaries is always a good option, warm up engines, know each corner of the body of the other and discover how you like to enjoy. Do not you know how to start the preliminaries?
You can start with lubricants, aromatic or edible oils to spread through the body of the most sexy luxury escort you could imagine. Do it with a sensual massage for every corner of your body. You can use a bandage for the eyes, when the sense of sight disconnects, the other senses are accentuated.
If you want to enhance the pleasure, you can use a pen. Slide it down your body and let it slide through yours with closed eyes. It will transport you to another dimension. Play with chocolate, strawberries, cream or champagne. A world of possibilities in the same room. And with a single intention, make you enjoy as you’ve never done before.
Then put sexy music and ask him to take off his clothes while you look at him from the bed. For this, you only need an erotic air in the environment, the dim light of a few candles and of course, be aware of how lucky you are to see a body like hers just for you.
You can take the reins or she will, depending on your tastes. But when it is time to take action, our luxury escort will have the sole intention of enjoying your side.
Remember, it is not necessary that you only use the bed, the room is full of corners to enjoy it. The objective is that you do not set limits, it is your moment.
Can you ask for something more? Of course, ask us what you want.

We present our new luxury escorts from Seville

Here we present two beautiful Sevillanas willing to offer you a sublime encounter:


abril_madrid_elegancy2   abril_madrid_elegancy5    abril_madrid_elegancy3

Azahara is a beautiful Andalusian ideal for the most demanding gentlemen. Attentive, sweet and involved is the lover with whom you have always dreamed. Get out of the routine in the most pleasant way with this beautiful young woman!



nazaret_sevilla_elegancy72   nazaret_sevilla_elegancy4   nazaret_sevilla_elegancy2

Araceli is a nice and vital escort who loves to enjoy with attentive and educated gentlemen of experiences full of curiosity and eroticism. A lady nice and sweet but at the same time wild and very passionate that will provide an unforgettable encounter taking care of even the smallest detail.

Do not hesitate and enjoy this whim that you deserve so much, make your reservation through our email info@elegancymodels.com or call us at +34 664 749 417.

Gemma Escort en Barcelona – Maravillosa Escort en Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models

Why have a date with a girl from Elegancy Models?

When you have an appointment with a luxury escort from Elegancy Models, everything is different. You have a woman as sexy as she is cultured, with good conversation and terribly exciting moments of intimacy. We know that many times you have considered having an appointment with some girl company, but what we propose today goes much further. Contact Elegancy Models and you will begin to enjoy women who touch perfection. And the best part is that … They have a lot to offer you!
In Elegancy Models you will find a companion that offers a first class service. Elegant and discreet they are different from the rest, not only for the ability to make you enjoy the best night of your life, but also for the pleasant company. Having a drink, going to dinner or a business lunch with her will always be a success. You will no longer have to attend only that meeting where you are required to attend accompanied. With his knowledge he will conquer all those around him and automatically you will become the most envied man in the place.
You have to know that when you turn to an Elegancy Models escort, in addition to wearing a beautiful woman on the arm, you bring a collaborator capable of making you look good in any event. If you find it difficult to start conversations, you can count on the help of our escorts and at the end of the evening you will have new and interesting contacts in your calendar. If on the contrary you usually face an excess of conversations, our prepared and educated escorts can cooperate with you on this point, even in several languages.
When the night starts to heat, they will also do it by your side. As you know, you can have fun in and out of bed, but when the time comes they will surprise you with their effort to make you enjoy.
There are no pressures, nor complexes, nor day-to-day stress. You can finally do all those things that you had always fantasized about but never left. Of course, always talking about it before so that our spectacular companion or companions are in agreement, sure that you find the way to enjoy both.
When you want to realize, you will be with an exclusive woman focused on your desires, just for you. Today and whenever you want it.
The best thing about having an Elegancy Models escort is the feeling of freedom, of not having to control anything out of fear since that always reverts to a more intense sex. Losing the roles from time to time helps us to be happier in our daily lives. Get out of your boring sexual routine, and fulfill your wishes in Elegancy Models.
Once you try to spend some time with one of our luxury escorts, nothing will be the same again. Never before has it been so easy to fulfill your sexual fantasies and reach the climax with such a spectacular woman. Your body, your beauty and your sensuality just for you.

Gemma Escort en Barcelona – Maravillosa Escort en Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models      Gemma Escort en Barcelona – Acompañante de lujo en Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models     Gemma Escort en Barcelona – Nueva Chica de compañía en Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models

Can you ask for something more? Of course yes. Ask us what you want

Gemma Escort en Barcelona – Maravillosa Escort en Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models

One night with an escort from the agency of Elegancymodels

We know that deep down behind that shirt and tie is a man with unconfessed desires. That is why today we want to propose you, unbutton each of the buttons and release. It fulfills all your fantasies with an escort of the agency of Lola Martí.
Can not you think of any? We propose some.
Threesome Fantasy
Do you want us to share you? If there is something better than an escort of the agency Elegancymodels is: two escorts of our agency, only by and for you.
We know that you will be able to control the situation, since they will be willing to satisfy you at all times. Connect with them, fulfill your wishes and believe me, it will be the best experience.
We know that this fantasy has always been present in your head. What man wants, is that two beautiful women worship his body.

gemma2                                        gemma6

Fantasy of forbidden places
Sex in those unconventional places that are usually forbidden, because they are usually in sight of the entire public. Whether it’s in the back seat of a car or in the elevator, if you like to skip the rules, do it with a sculptural woman … Ready for a night of outrageously wild sex in one of those places?

Fantasy of role plays
Being able to be in bed with a woman whose only desire is to make you see the stars doing the role that you like, is a pleasure that only some privileged can enjoy. Secretary, nurse, sexy cleaning woman or ‘bad’ student are some of the role-playing games with which you have surely dreamed.

Oral sex fantasy
This is one of the most common sexual fantasies and does not surprise us, knowing what makes us enjoy it. The escorts of the agency Elegancymodels will give you the pleasure that no other woman has ever given you. You can play with each other, even using toys or props, for example chocolate. Let your imagination fly … With what would you eat to one of our spectacular girls?
These are just four of the endless sexual fantasies you can experience. Now is the time to take action and start enjoying your sex life from the hand of a sexy, elegant, explosive woman and above all, very much looking forward to you.

Can you ask for more? Of course, ask us anything you want.

New additions in Barcelona and Madrid

We have the pleasure to present you today to these spectacular company girls prepared to make them enjoy an unforgettable encounter!


  • Africa is a beautiful young escort with green eyes and infarct body who loves to enjoy moments loaded with passion and eroticism together with gentlemen attentive and educated. A nice and very passionate woman who will not leave you indifferent!

africa-escort-barcelona5          africa-escort-barcelona7


  • Neus is a charming young woman with a totally natural body that captivates you from the first moment. Elegant and very classy is the ideal companion for any type of social event in the intimacy is a lady delivered and vital will provide you an unforgettable evening!

Neus_barcelona_elegancy           Neus_barcelona_elegancy4



  • Ines is an escort of natural beauty and charming personality that make her a unique lady! Sympathetic, accommodating and playful will become your muse ready to please all your desires.

Ines_Madrid_Elegancy6           Ines_Madrid_Elegancy3

  • Leyre is an educated, sensual and very active young woman with whom you will enjoy a dream encounter. Ready to please each and every one of your fantasies is the lover you always wanted to have!

Leyre5           Leyr1


You can not miss the opportunity to meet them, give yourself this whim that you deserve so much! Call us on +34 664 749 417.

Gisela Escort en Madrid – Maravillosa Acompañante de lujo en Madrid – Agencia Elegancy Models

3 things you will only get when hiring the services of a luxury escort.

If we stop to think about the meaning of the word luxury, we could define it as anything that surpasses the normal canons with a remarkable abundance and is also exclusive. It is something that most people can only dream about and that you can afford. That’s exactly what happens when you hire the services of a luxury escort agency Lola Martí. Today we will see 3 of those qualities of luxury that make the company of our call girl such an exclusive service.

Enjoy the kind of beauty you like.
It does not matter if you like a single profile of woman, as if you have wide preferences as to the physique of your companion. A luxury escort from the Lola Martí agency will only achieve the position by fulfilling demanding canons of beauty, spectacular women with healthy and defined bodies and dream faces. However, our cast of escorts has distinct and very different peculiarities from each other, thin women some, voluptuous others, snow white skin some, while others look spectacular skins and brown hairs. Your tastes and preferences as to women will be satisfied. Do the test!

The type of company you want at the time you want it.
If something characterizes a luxury escort agency Lola Martí is that each of our professionals has a series of specialties designed to meet the diverse needs that the customers raise.
Of course we are talking about qualities in the sexual field, but in addition, a luxury escort is an ideal assistant for many commitments in which you need to attend accompanied. They can also be great travel companions or companions in a business meeting. Not in vain we speak of women with a high level of formation. Most university students attending their last years of career or graduates who have the possibility of having high level conversations in several languages.

If you move in upper class social circles, having the services of a luxury escort agency Lola Martí is a sure bet to face social success. If you want to know more about what you can expect from one of our luxury escorts at a high standing event we invite you to read the article What to expect from an escort at the mobile world congress 2016
High-level sexual encounters.
Make your most hidden wishes come true thanks to the know-how and professionalism of our young ladies. With freedom, without peros, nor bad faces and with all the confidence that gives to have specialists professionals and adorned with the best one of the smiles. Together with our scorts you will enjoy like never before epic sexual encounters.
Knowing how to do and skills are qualities that enable us to offer a wide catalog of love specialties. Among them you can find the most exquisite erotic massages, among them, of course “the French”, suggestive striptease, the realization of sexual fantasies, erotic games and trántricos, etc.

Do not wait any longer and tell us what you want!

Cayetana Escort en Marbella – Chica de Compañía de Lujo en Marbella – Agencia Elegancy Models

Do you want a companion for a special occasion?

We assure you that whatever your choice is with a girl from the agency Elegancymodels acertaras! Educated, friendly, elegant and attentive girls that will put the needs of the client before theirs.

rocio-escort-sevilla3                            gloria-escort-valencia3                            alma-escort-madrid3
Our ladies can accompany you to different events as they have a good know how and know how to behave in different situations. They will make you look great at company dinners, work events, weddings, business trips …
Before going to the appointment, it is important that you inform the agency at which event the young lady will attend so that she dresses and prepares conscientiously for the event. If you want any special requirements regarding clothing, you should do so in advance.
What a better company than a spectacular and sophisticated lady that surrenders sensuality and elegance to an event and then be able to spend intimate moments with her unforgettable

Ainhoa Escort en Barcelona – Escort de lujo en Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models

Summer! The temperature rises!

How does it affect our sexuality?
Something is clear, everything influences the changes of seasons to us and us to the different seasons of the year.

How do these changes affect sexuality?The summer encourages us to go out more nights long beach holiday heat cups with friends, people smile more and is willing to talk to anyone, the sun is present and the temperature will soften the energy of the sun, stress relaxation increases.

We asked Ainhoa about the new addition in barcelona on the season of the year that he likes.


Answer the following:
“In summer my clients are encouraged flames more are noticed more active want to celebrate anything and of course more sex”

More joy more light less stress and more social!

It’s the perfect time to flirt, passion boils under your skin and you need to share it with someone and that better than with a sex professional.

We asked Ainhoa what to order, most dinners travel hotels or house.

Answer back:
“They usually ask for more hotels dinner drinks talk and share opinions so always look smart, in this season of the year I work more”

In the summer, worries are often less important and why not give us a whim?

“To enjoy it has been said” and to share with one of our escorts a pleasant moment do not hesitate to contact us we will advise you the plan that best suits your request.

Happy spring summer!

Lucia Escort en Madrid – Escort española Madrid – Agencia Elegancy Models – Agencia escorts Madrid

Is lingerie important?

Interview with Lucia Madrid:
- Before working as an escort lingerie was important to me but I was in the background.
Since I decided to collaborate in this sector and combine it with my studies has become one of my favorite garments in my closet.
I knew then that the lingerie stimulates many senses both feminine and masculine.
It is very important to wear an appropriate lingerie at the moment, sensual and elegant the truth that everything gets better (comments between laughs)
There are different types of panties, bras, it is easy to go and buy the one that best feels to our body without needing to feel disguised.
Girls encourage you to wear sexy, playful and elegant underwear and you will see how everything is much more fun

The garters are a fundamental piece for anyone who wants to have a good repertoire of sexy lingerie.
For the purchase of the same it is necessary to pay much attention to him as it must be the ideal combined with the lingerie.
Measure the size of waist and hip and choose the one that best suits the body, and finally when choosing the color I recommend the black or white as it combines with everything
Make sure that the stockings fit tightly, do not press, do not rub, and do not pinch the skin.
With all this lingerie sure you will go super acceptable to any encounter!
Encourage you to wear sexy underwear, I show you some pictures of me in lingerie!

lucia-escort-madrid                 lucia-escort-madrid4                lucia-escort-madrid5

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You are many and many who ask about this service so we decided to make a blog to clarify all your doubts;

Tantric massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to reach maximum optimal state Tantra massage works with energies and is a form of meditation as a couple.

This type of massage involves the female and male genitalia. The Tantric is one of the most interesting among the people accustomed to receive massages, however is full of doubts the result of ignorance. It is suitable for women, men and couples.

This type of tantra technique is a process for achieving personal growth through pleasure. If you find yourself happy and relaxed your health will be better.


How to do a tantric massage?

In the first place you have to be completely naked, to achieve the best possible experience.

Accompanied by a soft music the person should lie on the mat or stretcher with legs apart, a cushion to lift hips and another under the head.

Choose a lubricant and start the massage!

You will become totally complete, relaxed and full of positive energy.

Try it with one of our ladies and enjoy a massage that you will never forget!