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Best plans with a luxury escort in Valencia.

Are you in Valencia and without company? This Mediterranean city has a great multicultural variety where you can have a great time if you have the right company. Coincidentally, our luxury escorts in Valencia are one of the most explosive, sensual and fun girls in the entire agency. Their cult of the body has made these women a spectacle for any eye … and palate! But besides being a cannon, our luxury escorts in Valencia are characterized by their open and horny character. And is that no customer is bored with them.

Now that you have entered the bug of staying with one of these luxury escorts in Valencia, it is time to think about what you are going to do when you meet. What is a suitable place to go with one of these ladies so elegant and fine? From Elegancy Models we tell you what are the best plans to do with a luxury escort in Valencia. Keep reading and take note!

1. Very hot moments in the spa.

As we already mentioned in the article How to enjoy in the spa with a luxury escort going to a spa can be a very relaxing plan in which you can meet your luxury escort very thoroughly. Seeing his body tanned in a bikini while moving along with the bubbles and jets of the jacuzzi will be a scene that will put you a thousand. We recommend going to one of the many spas in Valencia because there are usually not many people. The ice wells will be a challenge in which you will limit your luxury escort while watching her breasts stand firm under the fabric of the bikini. The best? Then you will warm up with caresses and kisses.

2. Hiking trails – Mirador El Garbí.

If you are an inveterate adventurer and your luxury escort likes sport and nature you can go to the El Garbí viewpoint. Although you can also climb to the top with the car. With those views and a company as sexy as our luxury escorts will be impossible to resist their charms. More than one luxury escort has confessed to us to make mischief in this viewpoint.

3. Meet during a romantic dinner.

It’s time to put on your best clothes. Our luxury escort in Valencia will wear that black dress that fits each of its curves to dine with you. Go to a beautiful restaurant and let yourself be carried away by a delicious dinner and a conversation in which you can meet a little more. This is one of the best plans if you are a shy person or it is your first time with an escort. Our girls will make you feel so at ease that you will want to eat dessert before time.

4. Walk through Patacona and Malvarrosa.

If you are in Valencia you can take the opportunity to make plans outdoors thanks to the pleasant weather that has been in the city almost all year. Propose your luxury escort to take a walk in the afternoon in this beautiful area of ​​Valencia. You can have drinks at the clubs near the promenade and then go to some algún chill club ’to dance or to spend a quiet time with your luxury escort.

Are you in Valencia alone? Call us and get in touch with us, we will make your day.

What is the facesitting or the throne of the queen?

In Elegancy Models we like to be up to date with sexual tendencies, so in this article we would like to talk about the facesitting or also known, throne of the queen. The facesitting is a sexual practice very common in the world of BDSM (abbreviations of Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism). Although the BDSM encompasses other sexual practices more unknown and particular that not everyone can get to like, we assure you that you will love to practice the facesitting with a luxury escort. Still do not know what it is? We tell you.

What is facesitting?

Basically, facesitting literally consists of “sitting on the face”. One of the sexiest luxury escorts in your city will put on her most erotic lingerie set and wait for the right moment to take off the bottom part and propose the facesitting. You know how to do it? The luxury escort will sit naked on your face and you must practice oral sex until you can not take it anymore with the excitement that this position will provide.

The facesitting is not only oral sex.

The facesitting is not the same as oral sex although a priori it may seem. As we have already mentioned, this practice is part of the BDSM and therefore, in this case the woman is the one who dominates the situation, that is, she is the one who has the power. The luxury escort will be in charge of controlling the posture, the intensity of the kisses, the speed and it will also be the one that will guide the times of masturbation. In the facesitting the luxury escort can guide your head to the point that she decides to provoke greater pleasure through oral sex. While she moans with pleasure, you will be able to notice her pelvic movements and savor the sweet taste of the excitement that this practice produces.

How to test the facesitting.

Although the best position is to lie on the bed while your luxury escort sits on top, the facesitting has innumerable nuances with which you can play. Propose your luxury escort to stand up. You must raise the girl to her shoulders while she receives the most exciting oral sex of her life. Of course, this position carries a lot of strength to support the weight of the woman while you are focused on massaging her clitoris with the tongue.

The penetration we like to all, we will not deny it. But to experience this kind of pleasure in which penetration is substituted by movements of the tongue, nose and lips of an obedient and generous man drives us crazy.

If you want to try BDSM, we recommend that you call us and start by trying out this beginner level practice. Little by little we can increase the intensity if you check that you really like it. We will take care of making the right moves to place ourselves above your mouth and we will make sure you enjoy the best views. What are you waiting for? Try the facesitting with one of us.

How to practice sex on the water with a luxury escort.

Summer is just around the corner and the wettest plans come with it. Go to the beach with friends, sunbathe in the pool, go to a summer pub, Ibiza parties … Without a doubt, the best plans to enjoy with a luxury escort are in summer. Going to the beach next to a woman as taken from the series The Watchers of the Beach will make everyone turn to look at you. But it is not for less because the thongs of thread that our luxury escorts use so that they do not leave the mark of the sun are really indiscreet and minuscule.

Surely these sexy bikinis make the temperature rise (among other things). Therefore, it is most likely that you want to touch the body tanned and covered in suntan oil with your own hands. Eye, that to throw the solar cream is a very dangerous massage that usually ends in improvised sex. For this reason, in this article we tell you how you can enjoy sex on the water with a luxury escort. Sign up for these tips and … put them into practice with an explosive and hot girl.

1. Use condoms equally to practice sex in water.

You must know that the myth that water is not necessary to use the condom is false. Always use protection even when you are going to have sex in the water. Of course, put the condom out of the water to ensure you put it correctly without getting air or water bubbles.

Be aware that in the water you can not practice sex as if you were outside. Reserve the wild sex for the outside and in the water monitor the movements to avoid losing the condom through the water.

2. Silicone based lubricant for more pleasure.

It is a fact proven by our luxury escort to practice sex in dry water and makes lubrication difficult. That is why it is necessary that you use specialized lubricants for aquatic sex. These lubricants with a silicone base will facilitate penetration and will allow you to enjoy sex in the water without discomfort.

3. Enjoy a very wet pleasure.

Having sex in the water will make you experience new sensations very pleasant. We assure you that having a wet girl with a sexy bikini on your legs will awaken the most erotic side you have inside. The touch and the light weight of your bodies in the water will make you enjoy a different way of sex.

Now it’s up to you to decide if you want to try it on the beach, pool, jacuzzi, bathtub … or in all of them!

4. Very exciting aquatic preliminaries.

Although sex on the water is fine, our luxury escorts like to start warming up the situation under water and finish it on the surface. What does this mean? In the water you can start with masturbation and when you can not take it anymore, leave the water and finish the job in a dry place where natural lubrication will help you to enjoy the experience much more.

Do you want to try sex on the water this summer? Call us and organize a meeting with one of our luxury escorts to try the aquasex, the experience will be unforgettable and you will surely want to repeat it

The best plans to do with a luxury escort.

The best plans to do with a luxury escort. Do you want to meet a luxury escort but you can not find the time or place? Having an encounter with one of the most explosive and sensual girls in your city is an experience that we assure you that you will never forget. Our girls are very affectionate, educated and also love making all kinds of plans with their clients. It does not matter if you are adventurous, like the beach or enjoy eating, your encounter with a luxury escort can be as you wish, from a romantic dinner to a private meeting in a hotel. You decide the time and the place.

In this article we give you some ideas of the best plans to do with a luxury escort. The company is insured with our luxury escorts.

1. Parties and events with a very good companion.

Do you have a wedding or formal event in sight? Call and say that you are accompanied. The presence of an elegant young lady at the same time attractive and sensual will impress all your family and friends. The best? That you can meet one of our girls at the same time, talk about what you want with her (there are many college girls wishing to meet a man like you) and finish the evening as it arises. If you are partying with your friends and want to encourage the night with the company of a luxury escort, our girls will also be happy to come to the party. Dance with them, have a drink and let them whisper in your ear while the night does the rest.

2. Take a break to get out of the routine.

We know that many times the work can saturate. Go for a weekend in a rural house or a luxury villa while you enjoy the company of a really attractive girl. Swim in the pool with her, watch her bikini show as she sunbathes and enjoy an erotic shower before going to dinner at a restaurant.

3. Spend a few days at sea alone with a beautiful girl.

The sea, the sound of the waves and a boat for you alone. At Elegancy Models we offer the possibility of organizing private meetings on luxury yachts and boats so you can enjoy the company of a luxury escort on the high seas. Take advantage of the cabin to ask your girl to do a tantric massage and experience the best sexual experience of your life while sailing.

4. Realize your sexual fantasy.

Make your encounter with a luxury escort serve to make reality that sexual fantasy that you have wanted to experience all your life. Do you want to see a beautiful girl disguised as a policeman? Do a trio with two women magazine? Or try bondage for the first time? Do not hesitate to tell our luxury escorts what you want and do not be ashamed to ask them. They will be happy to satisfy you and see how you explode with pleasure.

Do you need more plans to meet a luxury escort? Contact us and we will make you enjoy the best meeting you have lived to date with the utmost discretion and professionalism. What happens in Elegancy Models, stays in Elegancy Models

Plans to make this Christmas with your luxury escort.

Christmas, vacations, end of the year baskets, business dinners and long and tedious family dinners arrive. What better way to spend these dates than with a luxury escort? Make this Christmas a special party and give yourself a unique experience with a luxury escort from Elegancy Models.

A luxury escort to entertain Christmas dinners.

Christmas dinners and family meals arrive with Christmas. The questions come from classmates, from your grandmother, the jokes of the cousins. Design a perfect love story to tell in your company or for your mother to stop asking you. A loving and passionate company will be the best way to leave your colleagues and cousins ​​open-mouthed.

Escape to Ibiza.

A trip to Ibiza with a luxury escort is the best way to make this Christmas unforgettable. The Balearic island can be an original way to spend Christmas. Whether it’s an hour or two full days, there’s no better way to break the routine than to go to the epicenter of the party and live a New Year’s Eve infarct with one of the most beautiful and attractive women on the island. Because everyone knows that the best way to end the party is with a night of lust and unbridled passion.

A trip through the sexiest London.

If you want to live the hottest Christmas there is no better way than visiting London in full Christmas boiling. At this time the city is transformed and it is quite an experience to walk through its decorated streets and witness the cosmopolitan atmosphere in its Christmas version. Enjoy the lights, drink a Mullen Wine, or watch the fireworks in the Thames on New Year’s Eve. A good Christmas dinner with your London escort may be the best way to ignite passion and start the year off to a good start.

Dress up with your luxury escort.

Take advantage of Christmas to explore your most secret desires. Christmas is the perfect time to play with your luxury escort with all kinds of costumes and Christmas items. The Christmas hat is already a classic of the sexiest. A lesser-known example are reindeer antlers with rattles, listen to them sound while riding with your luxury escort. You will feel happier than Rudolph riding the skies.

Christmas as a couple. 

Enjoying a luxury escort does not have to be something that you do alone. Have you thought about lighting the lost flame this Christmas with the company of a luxury escort? Presence the best lesbian show with your girl and with an authentic sex professional. Or assemble an unforgettable ménage à trois. Of course, the novelty does not make you neglect your partner so you both enjoy.

Rural house in the company of your luxury escort.

There is nothing better to fight the cold than sex in front of a wood burning fireplace. A weekend outing in a country house can be a great way to spend Christmas. The homelike atmosphere of a rural house will be the perfect setting to light the flame of passion.

Do not hesitate to contact us at Elegancy Models, the luxury escort agency to plan your sexiest Christmas.

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Sexual games The best preliminaries with your luxury escort.

Sometimes preliminaries become routine and boring, so it’s time to add a pinch of passion to this important phase of sexual encounter with erotic games that raise temperatures and enjoy sex like you never did before. If in the previous article we reveal the types of penis that most excite women, in this article we will give you the best sexual games suitable for all shapes and sizes of penises, and that will undoubtedly make your luxury escort and you enjoy yourself to the maximum of a very hot date.

1. Exciting temperatures.

Have you ever tried playing with elements that give cold and / or heat to excite you? Your luxury escort may practice oral sex while playing with an ice cube, this will make you experience a really pleasurable sensation, very different from that of conventional oral sex. You can also try to go every inch of your escort body with something hot, and you will see how it does not stop moaning with pleasure! This game is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most practical to stimulate and increase pleasure. 2. Playful pieces of paper.

Before the meeting prepare two piles of different roles. In one you must put body parts (chest, mouth, genitals, neck) while in the other, verbs that can excite you (lick, suck, caress, nibble). The game consists of taking out a paper from each pile while making sexual combinations that make you raise temperatures until you burst with pleasure.

3. Role play.

Have you ever had any fantasy in particular? Make it a reality by asking your luxury escort to disguise what excites you the most, such as a sexy teacher while you are her punished student. Or maybe you prefer police and detainee, doctor and patient, boss and secretary? These role plays will provoke a really pleasurable sex that will turn your fantasies into reality, improving them even more.

4. Massage with happy ending.

A classic, but it always works. Play with aromatic oils and ask your luxury escort to massage you, feel your hands and your body while you soak in that oil that will become the perfect lubricant for your sexual encounter. Change the roles and devote time to massage your body while your temperature increases.

5. Time to eat. It prepares something sweet for the sexual encounter, the most exciting thing is usually a boat of whipped cream or syrup of chocolate, caramel or strawberry. Make sure that you rub it on the body of your escort and then eat each corner until there are no remains. This will make you experience new sensations that will bring together two of the greatest pleasures of life: sex and food.

Get to work and innovate in your next meeting with your luxury escort. Choose the sexual game that you like and try it with an explosive and sexy woman. We assure you that you will never forget it.

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Sexiest postures to practice with your luxury escort

We are already in September, the autumn is approaching and with it the cold. This is the perfect time to make more home plans and get ready with the most exciting sexual positions. That is why in this article we bring you some ideas of sexual postures that you can practice with your escort throughout the night, or all day. It depends on you, our girls are used to having sex at all hours, they have a tremendous endurance and never get tired!

It is important that you enjoy sex to the fullest, but we also know that it is very exciting to see how the girl also enjoys sex. Then we show you the most exciting positions for both you and your luxury escort that will make both of you enjoy the most of the sexual encounter.

1. The 69

The 69 is a classic in bed, but perhaps you have not practiced as much as you would like because there are very scrupulous women to practice oral sex. This position allows both you and your escort to practice oral sex simultaneously. We recommend that for 69 it is the escort that is placed on top of you so as not to carry all your body weight and also leave more freedom to make a free fellatio.

2. Inverted cowgirl

The cowgirl is a position that leaves very exciting views to man. While you are completely lying down your luxury escort is mounted with your back towards you and controls a rhythmic movement during the penetration. Our escorts thanks to the pelvic exercises that they do every day, they will contract them while they ride on you intensifying the penetration and giving you much more pleasure.

3. The puppy

Surely you have ever tried this position, but doing it with a luxury escort will change your experience completely. This is the sexual position most recommended by sexologists to reach the climax, and with it you can control the rhythm and get a much deeper penetration. Our luxury escort loves to practice this pose with an extra lubrication while they touch themselves.

4. The chair

You can practice this position on a chair, on the sofa or on the edge of the bed. It’s as easy as putting yourself on the edge and letting your escort sit on you dominating the situation with her hip movement. Some of our luxury escorts have told us that they have practiced this position in public places and they have loved the experience.

Lena Escorts Barcelona – Sensual Escort de Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models

These are some of the postures that according to our luxury escorts most tend to like their customers and with those who most enjoy them. Do not forget that sex is a matter of two, and although your luxury escort can teach you new postures or experience sexually during your encounter, do not forget to touch her, walk her body with kisses and caresses. All Elegancy Models luxury escorts agree on one thing: the best of sex are the preliminaries.

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The best erotic movies to watch with your luxury escort.

Do you remember when you saw your first movie in which a sex scene came out? Surely it was with your parents or accidentally watching an action movie, but the truth is that more and more sex is shown in the movies and that we love and excite!

You will probably remember the scene that most impressed you about sex in movies because seeing it caused a tingling in the crotch that led you to masturbate that same day. Well, if in the previous article we tell you some unforgettable plans to do with your escort in this we recommend that you see one of the following erotic movies and fulfill your fantasy with one of our girls. Stop the movie when the atmosphere warms up and let yourself be carried away by passion. You will always be in time to pick up the movie where you left off.

Nymphomaniac. Volume 1

From the director of Antichrist, Lars von Trier tells the story of a nymphomaniac girl and her experiences as a sex addict. This film is about pure sex and lets see everything that it entails, from love to lust. In addition you will be able to see many scenes of sex but with a good script and history, which differentiates it from a porn movie.

Basic instinct

A classic thriller by Paul Verhoeven that most of us have seen and that we remember for the seductive leg movement of the beautiful Sharon Stone. The film focuses on the case of a writer who has been accused of murder and ends up seducing the agent (Michael Douglas) who handles his case. Without a doubt, a movie that you will love and seduce.


A French film released in 2015 in which Gaspar Noé reflects a liberation of sexuality throughout history. This movie will provoke you with its incredibly visual scenes that want to show love through sex. Maybe this is the erotic movie with more pornographic dyes, but we really recommend it because at the narrative level it is a visual delight that will excite and tender you at the same time.

Ken Park

Provocative, wild and crazy. This is the portrait of a group of young teenagers who are entertaining experimenting with sex without caring about the rest of the world. This film shows the evolution of young people and the discovery of aspects of sex that they did not know.

Deep throat

It is a classic film released in 1972 and that has been considered on many occasions as the most successful erotic film of all time. The film tells the story of Linda, a girl who does not manage to reach orgasm with any of the guys with whom she has sex, and because of her worry, she decides to go see a sexologist. Dr. Young discovers that Linda does not achieve pleasure in their relationships because the clitoris is in her throat, hence probing the deep throat to find the true climax.

Watching erotic movies is just fine, but seeing them with the company of a luxury escort will change the experience since you can satisfy your desires with her and ask her to replicate the scene of the movie that excites you the most. Our girls love to interpret and adopt roles when having sex, what are you waiting for?

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Unforgettable planes to spend the summer with a luxury escort

Summer has already arrived and with it the organization of much lighter clothing plans. With the heat we want to go out more and make plans outdoors, also if you have holidays you will have much more time to organize and spend unforgettable days with a luxury escort. It’s time to relive an unforgettable summer full of fun and passion. For this, we give you ideas of plans that you can not miss if you spend the summer with a luxury escort.

Davinia Escort en Ibiza – Escort VIP en Ibiza – Agencia Elegancy Models      Denise Escort en Madrid – Escort en Madrid Facial – Agencia Elegancy Models      Jessica Escort en Barcelona – Señorita de compañía en Barcelona – Agencia Elegancy Models

Go to the beach

Sunbathing, bathing or playing in the sand with an escort can be a really sensual plan. Ask your girl to put on sunscreen and let yourself go for the pleasure of a relaxing massage by a stunning girl in a bikini. You can also choose something more intimate if you go to a hidden cove, the advantage is that you can practice sex in the water if you are alone. How long have you not been on the beach? It’s about time to experiment in sex and summer is the ideal time to do it.

Dinner at the port

A dinner in the harbor with a pleasant and summery atmosphere next to a beautiful and sexy woman what more could you ask for? Take your escort to dinner and then you can go out for drinks and whatever comes up. Our girls have a lot of culture and are very intelligent, so you can talk to them about what you want but … the night is too long to be pulling all the time.

Theme park In summer

the theme parks open to the public many water attractions. It could be a flat if you go with your escort and apart from having fun, you wet your clothes and let yourself be carried away by passion in some corner of the park. Of course, you have to be creative because it is a public place with children.


A jacuzzi with bubbles, relax and a woman with impressive curves at your side. Going to the spa with your luxury escort can be a relaxing experience but also very exciting, since with the bubbles you can not see what goes on underneath! We assure you that the environment will heat up more than the thermal water.

Nudist beach

Have you been to a nude beach? Imagine being surrounded by people without shame to show their bodies and you with your escort. If you want to innovate this summer, we recommend you go to the closest nudist beach and try the experience. You can stay until late in the afternoon and enjoy sex with your girl, the advantage is that you will not have to take any clothes off.

Go ahead and try one of these plans with one of our girls, choose the one that best suits your tastes and enjoy the summer as you deserve by innovating sexually and leaving the winter routine.

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An unforgettable vacation with your luxury escort

We are entering the month of June and summer is coming. Despite the best-known saying until May forty, do not take your hair out, our luxury escorts have been throwing themselves with the most daring clothes for several weeks now. It begins not only the best season of the year, but the best holidays. We want to enjoy sun, beach and free time, but the most important thing is not to tan our skin, but to free our minds and disconnect from the routine. That that bores us so much.

And in Elegancy Models we propose a different, exciting and pleasant plan that will help you return from holidays with batteries.

Enjoy the holidays with a luxury escort from Elegancy Models

Naira Escort en Madrid – Escort de Lujo en Madrid – Agencia Elegancy Models

Enjoy the most beautiful woman, choose the one that most appeals to you and accompany you wherever you go. You can enjoy the sea together, your body soft, smooth and tan. Alone on the best beach you can imagine with the purest water, like Ibiza, Formentera or Mallorca. When you are in the water with her, noticing her body, all the ills and sorrows of daily life will be passed on to you. You can only think of one thing, in it.

Choose a hotel to spend the holidays with your luxury escort, think about going to enjoy every corner of the room in the sexiest way possible. Do you want to spend the day in the suite enjoying the best sex? Your wish is your wish! Forget the excuses and fulfill your sexual fantasies with the most beautiful woman you could imagine. Sex, passion and eager to make your spiciest desires come true. Can you think of a better description for the perfect companion? It is without a doubt, your luxury escort.

The company of a luxury escort of Elegancy Models will make all the experiences during the holidays multiply and enjoy them in another way.

Park your calendar, calls, emails and watch for a few seconds the body care of your luxury escort. Think that you want to do at that moment and let yourself be driven by the impulses. What do we guess is what you want? She too. Why not satisfy your desire together?

If what you want is a vacation of total relaxation do not think that by practicing sex constantly you will be more tired on the way back, just the opposite. Having sex does not just make life more exciting, but your psychological and mental energy is recharged. Say goodbye to that energy that you lack in a day when you are off, sad or apathetic.

Also take advantage to go out to discover the gastronomy of the dinner and get to know each other a little more. It will be fun if at dinner you reveal the most hidden secrets. ” I like it when you wear lingerie and you run my body up and down with it on ” or ” I like to fantasize about you being my masseuse. ” Let your imagination fly! Only by communicating what excites you most can you reach the most authentic climax.

If what you have always dreamed of is practicing a trio with two spectacular women you can choose between doing it with two luxury escorts or playing a little. Offer your escort a game. You can conquer another woman in the place of vacations where you are and join her party. Impossible not to enjoy! In addition, with his gifts of seduction, sensuality and his daring, do you think that someone can resist him? Do not think about it anymore, pick up the phone and choose the woman with whom to spend the holidays and start fulfilling the fantasies that excite you the most.

Can you ask for something more? Of course. Ask us what you want.

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